Sunday, February 17, 2008

Philosopher Discovers Coaliath Egg

Dr Glenn Albrecht of the University of Newcastle has astounded scientists around the world with the discovery of the first Coaliath egg. "These creatures have been responsible for unleashing untold harm upon the planet" - Dr Albrecht said today before a packed media conference. "We face catastrophic consequences if we do not deal with this threat head on".

Dr Albrecht has been involved with the police investigations relating to the alleged attack of these flying sharks upon the Breath of Life art installation on Obelisk Hill last month. He led a perilous expedition into their heartland in the Hunter valley. He and his team faced great terror in the recovery of the egg, with the party coursing its way into their perilous lair.

"Our hope is that with this egg we can learn more about what makes these monsters tick, and how we can bring down the beast for the good of life on Earth" - Dr Albrecht said.

Read Dr Albrecht's latest research on Coaliath eggs on his blog.

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