Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breath of Life Windmill installation- Go Ahead

The process of planning the windmill instillation has been lengthy and has required input from all team members. The past two days has been extremely physically challenging and the great help from our volunteers has been appreciated, thanks to Vicki,John,Nic, Beau, Charlie, Warren, Brian and Paul for their assistance with drilling holes and windmill installing.

Tonight at 8.10 we had windmills up (except for 2) these will be installed tomorrow. The great teamwork has paid off, and the process has certainly challenged us in how best we can work as a team, I think we have been very successful in our project and would like to congratulate you all- WELL DONE.

There were many on lookers today and I think that the 'Breath of Life' Project provides the opportunity for the site to be seen in a different light and for the city's history to be revisited.

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