Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All in a Day

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During the afternoon the site became alive with the vista of windmills all around, the installation formed new viewing points and the Newcastle landscape (looking outwards) seemed so much different. The scene to Nobbys Headlands was framed and the view towards the Kooragang Windmill made it not appear as isolative as usual. The nearby Jesmond House appears closer , not as detached from the hill. The Parade Ground and Military Buildings on the James Fletcher Hospital site are now in focus. Those enjoying the nearby Park, take a quick glance at the Obelisk, it has some new friends for a while. It has a 'Breath of Life'.
The City is captured from all angles.


Vientos del Pueblo said...

Desde Getafe, Madrid, EspaƱa, saludos

GB said...

Congratulations on a beautiful transformation of this landmark site. I will never think of it the same way again.